Balance management

The β€œBalances” tab contains info about your crypto account balances

This is a crucial section where you can find

  • Your balances are in different currencies

  • Balance of funds received in VRCS, but not yet credited to the main balance

  • Total balance of available funds

  • All the last transactions

  • Functions for withdrawal and liquidity deposit

Liquidity topup

Adding liquidity without processing fee is possible only from trusted merchant addresses. To do this, when making a deposit, the merchant or merchant's manager must add his wallet address to the "white list".

  1. Go to the menu Dashboard and click "Add liquidity".

  1. Choose the cryptocurrency you want to add liquidity.

  1. Enter your wallet address in the fields below to add the address to the approved list and click "Add" then confirm the addition with the 2FA code. If 2FA is not enabled, the connection window opens (without 2FA, the wallet cannot be added to the approved list).

  1. Now that your wallet has been added, we can move on to the next step by clicking "Next". There can only be 1 wallet in the network (1 wallet on BEP20, 1 on ERC20, 1 on TRC20, etc.) BEP20 and ERC20 can have the same address. The Approved list section is in Settings/Security. There you will be able to delete and add another address.

  1. You can make a deposit of any amount in the selected currency from your wallet to the destination wallet address specified in the field below (0Xprocessing vault address) and click "Confirm".

Received funds will be credited to the merchant's balance immediately after the transaction is confirmed by the network. If you encounter any problems, please contact the support service.

Withdrawal of balances

Withdrawal is possible only in the currencies of existing balances.

fter clicking on the "Withdraw" button you should confirm the withdrawal using verification code sent to your email bound to your processing account and 2fa code.

The minimum withdrawal amount is the equivalent of 10 USD

To withdraw funds in automatic or semi-automatic mode you can use integration through API. Withdrawal by client

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