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This page describes all types of errors you may encounter when working with the API
IncorrectModel - Incorrect request model (also occurs if an incorrect Merchant ID is passed)
MerchantIdRequired - Merchant ID not specified
Incorrect amount - The request doesn't contain the amount or contains an error
404 - The resource is not available, check your internet connection and if the endpoint is correct
429 Too many requests - exceeded number of requests from the same IP address or user within a certain period of time
UnsupportedCurrency - Unsupported currency
InvalidUrl - URL is specified incorrectly or there is no http
ActivationRequired - Merchant activation required
EmailRequired - Email required
InvalidEmail - Invalid email
InvalidBillingIdLength - Billing ID is too long, no more than 100 characters
InvalidClientIdLength - Client ID is too long, no more than 100 characters
UnavailableCoin - The coin is unavailable for payment
ClientBlocked - This client is blocked on 0xprocessing
InsufficientBalance - There’s no liquidity to withdraw in this currency
InvalidDT - Invalid destination tag
InvalidAddress - Invalid wallet address
InsufficientBalanceForPayFee - Insufficient balance to pay for the commission
ExternalIdIsAlreadyUse - This External ID is already used for withdrawal
InvalidAgentId - Invalid Agent ID
InvalidClientId - Invalid Client ID
WalletIsAlreadyExist - This wallet already exists