Transaction Fees

Fees consist of processing fee and network fee.

Processing fee - depends on Merchantโ€™s business model and monthly turnover. It is automatically deducted from each payment received on Merchant's balance and always covered by Merchant.

Network fee - commission of the network included by default into Client's payment, used to cover the expense for transaction inside the processing system (from system wallet to vault or to VRCS). If needed, network fee coverage can be switched from Client to Merchant side (menu Settings\Currency Management).

Network fee amount is dynamic and depends on the complexity and congestion of the network. Exact amounts spent for network fees can be checked in your account.


BNB chain Network fee: 0.00025500 BNB Ethereum Network fee: 0.00095876 ETH BTC Network fee: 0.00001208 BTC DASH Network fee: 0.00001208 BTC DOGE Network fee: 1.78450657 DOGE

BCH Network fee: 0.00001146 BCH LTC Network fee: 0.00000270 LTC XRP Network fee: 0.000012 XRP Tron Network fee: 10-37 TRX Solana Network fee: 0,038 SOL

Polygon Network fee: 0,003 MATIC

Arbitrum One Network fee: 0.0000021 ETH

USDT (TRC20) withdrawal Network fee: 2.6 USDT (TRC20)

Solana and tokens on the Solana network withdrawal Network fee: 0.2 USD

Tokens on the Polygon network withdrawal Network fee: 0.15 USD

Tokens on the Arbitrum One network withdrawal Network fee: 0.2 USD

For payments with non-native tokens, the Network fee is charged in token used for payment.

Withdrawals from 0xProcessing is not a subject to additional fees, only the Network fee is charged.

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