Withdrawal flow

Withdrawal flow via API

1. On Merchant's website Client requests withdrawal. In order to execute it Merchant via API submits to 0xProcessing following request

2. Merchant can set withdrawal limit for Clients (menu Merchant\ Classic processing\ General settings)

- if withdrawal amount below limit it will be processed automatically.

- if withdrawal amount above limit it should be confirmed by Merchant or Manager before processing

3. Once withdrawal is executed it will be sent to Client's private wallet in requested amount minus network fee.

Withdrawal confirmation

If withdrawal executed via API and limit is higher than defined in Merchant's personal account (Merchant\ Classic processing\ General settings) it will be suspended until Merchant will approve it or reject.

It can be done in Confirmations\Withdrawal section of Merchant's account or via the Manager's account.

Withdrawal flow via personal account

  1. In order to withdraw funds Merchant should select Withdraw at Dashboard page.

  1. Then select currency, amount, wallet address and optionally add comment.

  1. To confirm withdrawal should be provided two verification: from 2FA app and from email.

If Merchant's balance has enough funds and verification was successful withdrawal will be executed for selected amount minus Network fee.

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