How do I connect to 0xProcessing?

1. Click here to https://0xprocessing.com/ 2. Register at https://0xprocessing.com/auth/login/ 3. To activate your account after registration, navigate to your email and verify your account. 4. You integrate the payment system according to the documentation 5. Set the withdrawal limit and webhook URL in the personal account settings (menu Merchant\ Classic processing\ General settings). 6. After integration and testing of payments, we will set processing fee on merchant clients' deposit adjusted depending on the merchant's turnover.

If you need help you can write to our Telegram bot. After contacting our manager, we will help you to learn more about 0xProcessing functionality.

Who can connect 0xProcessing?

The platform for cryptocurrency payments can be connected to any individual or legal entity; the terms of connection can be clarified by our manager leaving contact information in the feedback form or Telegram chat.

Are there deposit and withdrawal limits for 0xProcessing?

Through the API you can deposit or withdraw amounts equivalent to ~2 USD in all supported cryptocurrencies.

Withdrawal from the merchant's personal account is possible if the withdrawal amount exceeds 10 USD. Withdrawal is possible in the merchant's balance currency only.

In case of any questions or problems with deposits or withdrawals you can always contact technical support service [email protected] or contact your personal manager.

The required currency is not in the list of 0xProcessing supported, there is no functionality, how to add it?

We are constantly developing and adding the necessary currencies or functionality for our clients.

You can leave a request in the technical support at [email protected] or inform your manager, we will try to implement the necessary functionality as soon as possible

How do I contact technical support?

If a merchant has problems with transactions or connection of the payment system, you can always contact your manager or support by email [email protected]

Don't forget to specify merchant ID or Email of your registered 0xProcessing account when contacting.

If you made the transaction through 0xProcessing as a merchant client, please contact 0xProcessing support first, so we can solve your problem faster.

How can I add liquidity to my balance in 0xProcessing?

The add liquidity function is needed to allow merchant to top up cryptocurrencies balances when the minimum balance is reached to make withdrawals to clients.

When adding liquidity, only the network fee is charged.

Are there deposit and withdrawal limits for 0xProcessing?

You can deposit or withdraw an equivalent amount from ~3 USD to ~60 000 USD in all supported cryptocurrencies.

If you need to deposit or withdraw more than the specified amount, you can do it through technical support by contacting

How quickly will the client's payment be credited to the merchant's account? What is the speed at which the merchant can withdraw funds from 0xProcessing?

If the client pays the merchant correctly. 0xProcessing awaits confirmation for a few seconds to a few minutes, according to the cryptocurrency network. Then it sends the amount to the merchant account balance and the payment status callback to the merchant's webhook URL. Funds received on balance are immediately available for withdrawal.

There is a manual withdrawal option in the merchant account (menu Dashboard\Withdraw) or you can set up automatic withdrawal of positive balances through API methods.

If VRCS is enabled, funds will be sent to VRCS, converted to stablecoin and automatically withdrawn to 0xProcessing merchant balance when the minimum amount is reached, set in merchant account settings (menu Merchant\Classic processing).

What are the problems with transactions?

  1. The amount has been credited to the wallet indicated on the payment form after the payment window is closed (payment window 30-50 min). The payment is considered to be unpaid, and the merchant receives a callback with "Canceled" status.

  2. The amount has not been transferred to the wallet specified in the payment form. Payment is considered to be unpaid and the merchant receives a callback with the status “Canceled”. Whenever a client contacts 0xProcessing, you can first of all verify the top-up wallet yourself using the data provided by the user, transaction hash and top-up wallet address. If the amount is credited to the wallet, but not sent to the 0xProcessing vault, you can contact 0xProcessing support.

  3. When paying a fixed amount, the client has underpaid the amount:

  • If the automatic underpayment function is disabled, the payment is considered to be underpaid and a callback is sent to the merchant with the status “Insufficient”. Merchants can see and confirm "Insufficient" transactions in the Confirmations menu;

  • 0xProcessing waits until the payment window is closed (30 min) and automatically deducts the amount received from the balance; the payment is considered successful and the payment status "Insufficient" is sent to the merchant; another callback with the "Success" status and insufficient=true flag is sent to the merchant;

  • If the deposit amount is less than the minimum, the payment is assigned the status "Insufficient". You will not be able to confirm the payment data without an additional payment

  • If the merchant's client pays an additional amount before the payment window closes, the amount is considered paid in full and held as successful until the payment window closes.

To avoid underpayment, inform clients that the platforms from which the client pays may charge an additional withdrawal percentage or deduct from the network fee.

4. Client sent currency from other network or sent wrong currency.

For example:

USDT (BEP20) instead of USDT (ERC20)

BNB (BEP20) instead of USDT (BEP20)

In this situation, you can request transaction verification through technical support and they will help you to change the currency of the payment.

  1. If you send an amount to another network, e.g. BTC to ETH, the amount will be irrevocably lost.

  2. When a client sends an amount less than the minimum payment limit. The amount will remain in the system wallet as long as the client is underpaying the amount exceeding the deposit limit.

  3. When a client sends a liquid currency unsupported by 0xProcessing, but in one of the supported networks, it can be returned to the sender with a deduction of the network fee. If the amount does not cover the network fee, a refund is not possible or request an additional currency transfer from the client to pay the network fee (ETH, BNB, TRX). If the currency is sent to an unsupported 0xProcessing network, a refund is not possible.

  4. If the merchant's client did not provide a Destination Tag (payment ID in the Ripple network) when sending the XRP, the payment was received, but processing will not be able to identify it. To search for the transaction in the admin panel, a hash of the payment and the transaction ID are required.

  5. Transactions take a long time to be processed by the network. This is because in some networks transaction processing can take up to several hours. For example, if you specify a very low commission for a transaction in the BTC network.

  6. Payment is marked by merchant as test

In the request to create a payment form, the parameter Test=true

Test payments are intended only for the emulation of different payment statuses. It is not paid in real cryptocurrency and is not displayed in merchant's account. However, when sending cryptocurrency for such payment, technical support can help to change its status and conduct payment as usual.

  1. Double top-up. The client paid a second time to the wallet from the old payment form after closing the payment window. Technical support will help credit the funds received to the balance of the merchant's account. However, the system cannot send a callback for this transaction. The merchant has to credit the amount to its client on its own.

What should I send to the 0xProcessing support service if there are problems with depositing/withdrawing funds?


1. Txn Hash or Address (wallet the payment was made to);

2. Payment ID payment identifier in 0x (mandatory for XRP transactions);

3. Billing ID (payment identifier in your system);

4. User ID (mandatory for XRP transactions);

5. Client Email (on request of 0xProcessing support).


1. Withdrawal ID from your side;

2. If the withdrawal ID is not shown, then you need to send a screenshot of the withdrawal from the 0xProcessing Client's Profile or withdrawal amount and date.

All data must be sent in text form.

Where can I check the balance of the wallet your client has paid into?

Special search engines network explorers are used to check transactions and balance of cryptocurrency wallets

Tron https://tronscan.org/ TRX, USDT (TRC20), AXS (TRC20), ETH (TRC20)

Binance Smart Chain https://bscscan.com/ BNB, ETH (BEP20), DAI (BEP20), USDT (BEP20), DESU (BEP20), ADA (BEP20), USDC (BEP20), BTCB (BEP20) Ethereum https://ethersecan.io/ ETH, DAI (ERC20), AXS (ERC20), TUSD (ERC20), USDC (ERC20), USDT (ERC20) Dogecoin https://dogechain.info/ DOGE Litecoin https://live.blockcypher.com/ LTC XRP https://xrpscan.com/ XRP Bitcoin https://blockchair.com/ BTC Bitcoin Cash https://blockchair.com/ BCH

Dashcoin https://explorer.dash.org/ DASH Polygon https://polygonscan.com/ MATIC, USDT (POLYGON), USDC (POLYGON), WETH (POLYGON) Arbitrum One https://arbiscan.io/ ETH (ARB1), USDT (ARB1), DAI (ARB1), USDC (ARB1), WBTC (ARB1)

Solana https://explorer.solana.com/ SOL, USDT (SOL), USDC (SOL), SOETH (SOL), WBTC (SOL), RAY (SOL), SRM (SOL) Avalanche https://snowtrace.io/ AVAX, USDT (AVAXC), TUSD (AVAXC), USDC (AVAXC)

1. If you only know the Txn Hash, then copy it, go to an explorer such as the TRON network https://tronscan.org/, paste in the Txn Hash and hit [Search].

The transaction data opens. Click on the wallet on the right-hand side.

Your wallet opens where you can see if a payment has been credited to your wallet. In addition, you can see if your client has sent an amount less than the minimum payment limit.

Payment has been received on the wallet.

Payment has not been received on the wallet.

2.If you only know the wallet your client paid for, copy it, navigate to the explorer, e.g. Ethereum network https://ethersecan.io/ , paste the wallet and hit [Search].

Your wallet opens where you can see if a payment has been credited to your wallet. This is because you can see whether your client has sent an amount less than the minimum payment limit and whether the deposit has passed through.

The wallet addresses used in the payment forms are always unique for each payment and contain a zero balance.

Payment has arrived in the wallet.

Wallet is empty, payment has not been received.

Payment has been made. The wallet has a withdrawal transaction in the vault.

Examples of how hash and wallet networks look

NetworkHashWallet address




BNB chain / Ethereum






XRP (Ripple)









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