0xProcessing is a technologically advanced payment gateway that allows e-commerce platforms, forex, gaming platforms, gambling providers, chatbot services, and any other businesses to accept more than 50+ most commonly used cryptocurrencies in 13 blockchain's as payment from users around the globe without restrictions and KYC\KYB.
We are convenient for businesses of any size. The registration process is fast, simple and KYC-less. Smooth integration process is carried out through the available API methods.

What makes 0xProcessing different?

  • You can accept payments from clients all over the world with more than 50 kinds of popular cryptocurrencies
  • You can enable direct payments from Web3 wallets with 0x Web3
  • Quick start, you just need to register an account, conduct a quick integration and begin accepting payments
  • Fast integration of cryptocurrency payments in the store
  • High volatility of the crypto market is no longer a problem due to Volatility Risk Control System of 0x designed for automatic conversion of incoming cryptocurrencies into stablecoins.
  • More than 7 different use cases available
  • Payment form can be customized under the merchant brandbook
  • There are no geographical restrictions for merchants and their users
  • Own blockchain infrastructure of 0xProcessing allows to bring significant security level eliminating unneccessary risks
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